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Justin and Kim Engagement Session Fall Colors to Remember

It was a cold and windy day in Old Town Folsom and my fingers were freezing while trying to hold the camera and adjust my settings. I love photographing here because there are so many neat places within walking distance.
I decided to drive around looking for a special spot that would justify the cold and the fall colors after a huge storm stripped trees bare. I turned and drove down this street and my eyes caught this massive tree and the yellow of leaves was mind blowing. I knew this place was going to magical with the green grass and the yellow leaves and the sun hitting that sweet spot. I met Justin and Kim in Old Town Folsom and used a few places that have always returned some fantastic photos and tried some new ones. I wanted to save this location till later because I was waiting for the sun to drop and take away some of the harshness the sun carries. 

Justin and Kim are an amazing couple and I'm proud to call them my friends and very happy to see them interact with each other. Watching them laugh and talk with each other you could tell what they have is real. It wasn't that sappy 1st month love but that caring and united connection between two people that have become so close that the love just flowed out of them. Can't wait to see what the future brings for these two and happy to document and photograph a very special time in their lives. 


90th Birthday Party for Grammy

Had a wonderful time seeing all my family and getting to have some amazing food courtesy of my Uncle Dana. It was really awesome getting to share and connect with a part of my family that I have never met before on my Grandmothers side of the family.



Had a chance to take some photos of lots of super cool bikes that were on display for A&S Motorcycle's vintage bike show. 


Toes in the Sand - Drummond Beach Wedding

Keith Drummond & Channing Clawson gave me the greatest pleasure by inviting me to join them in Santa Barbara to photograph a very special day of two families becoming one. The love between the two of them just pours out of them and it's quite amazing to see and witness. Being one of those guys that says, "I'll never get married till I'm 40" definetmently made me feel envious for that love and happiness.  One Day! HAHA

Thursday evening I packed up my car and with it loaded to the brim with camera gear and everything it takes to put run a photo booth. The next morning woke up around 6 am finished packing my car and then took off for SB. Humming down the freeway with some music blasting drinking coffee and eating jerky I couldn't believe that this would be my first big photo gig/trip. I have made my way up north but nothing to even brag about but thinking about a passion that I get to do put a huge smile over my face as my thumbs tapped along to the beat as they gripped the steering wheel.

I love getting such an early start on the drive with hot coffee and watching the sun move in the horizon and not being stuck in endless amounts of traffic. As I was continuing my drive and doing my best to stay within the speed limits and eye open for the CHP patrolling all along the freeway my mind started to drift onto the wedding and how things would go and what I would do here and there if this situation were to occur. Beyond all those thoughts just being able to join K&C on there day was gonna be a blast. I have been with them from the beginning. Laughing out loud as I think back to when Keith was calling me and telling me about this girl he met and that he was serious about her and wanted to propose to her. 

Alright buddy sounds good! Whatever you need you just let me know. So Keith gave me an idea on where I needed to go and we met up and devised a plan and where I would hide so that way Channing did figure out what was going on. Channing had no idea that I was lying in the rocks and behind a bush with a jacket laying over my head and body.

Hiding in the Rocks and behind a tiny shrub brush about 75

Hiding in the Rocks and behind a tiny shrub brush about 75

When Channing and Keith made there way down to the water I began shaking so much that I was having a hard time shooting my camera and getting stable shots. I was afraid she was going to see me and I would give it all away..... Whew, luckily she never saw me and Keith started talking to Channing and then dropped down to one knee like a damn man and proposed to the woman he fell deeply in love with. (HELL YEAH) 

Pretty Pretty 

Pretty Pretty 

After Keith proposed to Channing and she said yes the talks then started about doing engagement photos and oh course I was on board with that. Again you can see the love that these two already have and doesn't hurt that they are not camera shy. 

Momma and Sister helping out 

Momma and Sister helping out